Late MGB Tan Leather


                                       Complete rebuilds to expert advice installing the many different type cams or carburetors, enhancing power and     performance. 
 Complete rebuilds; repairing problems such as popping out of gear, grinding, leaks or installing one of the new 5 speed over drives.
Rear ends
 Rebuilds to repairs, we specialize in TD and TF 4:3 gear conversions.
 Proper rebuilds. It’s not just replacing parts, it’s about setting the thrust and proper clearance so your newly installed suspension doesn’t   clunk, make noises. It’s about restoring the ride and handling characteristics our British cars were originally known for.
Body Tubs
 We are experts in rust and body repairs. Older British cars such as the MGT types and Morgan’s are coach built. Wood pillars, main beams and supports need to be fit with precision to the outer panels with proper contour so fenders, hoods and doors fit the way they should! Many later uni-bodies need chassis sprung weight to achieve proper alignment after total assembly. 
 Replacing a new harness is half the job. Making sure all gauges, lights and switches operate properly completes the reason for replacing the harness. Often we find the harness is not the problem, but someone wired something wrong or connections need cleaning.
Interior and upholstery
 Care is taken to fit door handles, locks, seats, dash and panels. We have the skill and knowledge to install you interior, top, tonneau cover and curtains as original.

Examples of interiors restored to original look.

Right hand drive TR6

MGA 1600

XK140 on our rotisserie prepping under side for proper under body repair and preservation.

                      Tune-ups are NOT just replacing part! Often parts are not needed

                                     Valves require careful and proper adjustment
      Distributor needs servicing to mechanically and vacuum advance properly (often overlooked)
                       Carburetors need proper adjustment more often than replacment

Services offered and we specialize in :

Properly cut out & repaired

Stripped, metal finishing begins

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1965 MGB

Paint and bodywork  

Jan is an expert in replacing and aligning panels. With over 30 years experience, his metal finishing and ability to straighten panels and the over all body lines are second to none. His finish work, paint and polish often exceeds the best factory finish! So often the proper repair, cost less in the long run.

1952 MGTD

XK140 burl walnut dash

We provide prompt and professional service for all your automotive needs.
 Each member of our team is here to serve you and provide you with peace of mind. With over 100 years of combined experience we have the knowledge, skill & expertise in maintenance, repairs and restorations of British Vehicles. We have also restored many American, German & French cars.

356 C typical rot


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