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       About us
            We were commissioned in 1979 by British Leyland to restore the 1949 MGTC for the

        “Drive a classic …Win a classic” campaign, here in the USA!

IN 1979Mr. Len Alcaro of JRT (the old BMC corp.) contacted our firm to supply a totally restored MG-TC to give away as the very last endeavor of the MG car company. We supplied, and restored this car which was showed at the NYC car show in 1980. Since then we have restored a variety of automobiles including Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Austin Healey, Triumph MG, Sunbeam etc. We do it all and we are always available. We offer help with partial or total restorations, repairs or simply do whatever you wish to complete your project. Enthusiasts take advantage of our facility, expert help and advice solving their classic car problems! We started as a custom parts supplier, manufacturer of hard to get British parts. Complete auto restorations started in the late 1960’s and took on a whole new generation of specializing English automobile restoration sales and services. George Medynski the general manager worked a deal and became one of the first Moss Motors parts distributors. Working with E. Alan Moss who both manufactured and supplied English car parts to the trade and public.

In 1984, Tuxedo Motor Sport moved to its present location at 1 Route 17 North in Tuxedo New York (38 yrs). The business proceeded to set up a small foundry for casting various rare metal and plastic car related items. During this time TMS consulted with Holley Performance about working on a fuel injected universal throttle for older cars. While this project took place, TMS decided to change their image and focus on custom cars that included paint, neon, body kit instillation, nitrous oxide, rims, exhaust, brakes, upholstery, audio and engine work.

#1 Route 17 South, Tuxedo, New York 10987   845-753-5900   BlackCobraGeorge@gmail.com

​TUXEDO MOTORSPORT was the first to experiment with a new foaming process to help build custom bodykits. This was done by shooting the car with foam then sculpting out your design , afterwards (using a chop gun) spraying fiberglass over the foam. this process reduced custom body kit design time & fabrication significantly! the result was a custom one-off design which was not only original but very easy to repair.

Although we focus mainly on british cars,  this is just one example of how TUXEDO MOTORSPORT was pushing foward in design & fabrication.

George has been in the custom and antique auto business for over 50 years. He started at age 18 in Ramsey New Jersey (7 years in ramsey, 10 in ridgewood) doing custom fabrication and engine building. He also specialized in kicked out Harley Davidson frames, custom motorcycle fork extensions and candy apple lace paint jobs that started the trend for motorcycles on the East Coast.

From 1974 to 1984 Tuxedo Motor Sport, under the old name M&G Vintage Auto ran a custom body shop that specialized in the restoration of Bugatti, Pre-War Jaguars, Morgans, MG's and other sports cars.

In 1979, the reps from the automobile company MG came to George's facility requesting a 1949 MG-TC (Their most popular model !!!) be restored to mint condition. They did the work in record time. The car was displayed at the New York Auto Show and became not only a standard trademark for restoration but also the very last endeavor as the well-known automobile company MG.

Given George's years of expertise, he can customize any car any way you choose.

M&G Vintage Auto

We provide prompt and professional service for all your automotive needs.
 Each member of our team is here to serve you and provide you with peace of mind. With over 100 years of combined experience we have the knowledge, skill & expertise in maintenance, repairs and restorations of British Vehicles. We have also restored many American, German & French cars.


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