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We provide prompt and professional service for all your automotive needs.Each member of our team is here to serve you and provide you with peace of mind.With a combined 70 plus years experience we have the knowledge, experience and we specialize in maintenance, repairs and restorations of British Vehicles.


In 1979 we were commissioned by British Leyland to restore a 1949 MGTC for the win a classic campaign here in the USA!

MandG Vintage auto

We where the first official Moss Motors distributor!

MG, Austin Healy, Triumph, Jaguar

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Tune-ups are NOT just replacing part! Often parts are not needed
Valves require careful and proper adjustment
Distributor needs servicing to mechanically and vacuum advance properly (often overlooked)
Carburetors need proper adjustment more often than replacment


Complete rebuilds to expert advice installing the many different type cams or carburetors, enhancing power and performance.


Complete rebuilds; repairing problems such as popping out of gear, grinding, leaks or installing one of the new 5 speed over drives.

Rear ends

Rebuilds to repairs, we specialize in TD and TF 4:3 gear conversions.


Proper rebuilds. It’s not just replacing parts, it’s about setting the thrust and proper clearance so your newly installed suspension doesn’t clunk, make noises. It’s about restoring the ride and handling characteristics our British cars were originally known for.

Body Tubs

We are experts in rust and body repairs. Older British cars such as the MGT types and Morgan’s are coach built. Wood pillars, main beams and supports need to be fit with precision to the outer panels with proper contour so fenders, hoods and doors fit the way they should!    Many later uni-bodies need chassis sprung weight to achieve proper alignment after total assembly.


Replacing a new harness is half the job. Making sure all gauges, lights and switches operate properly completes the reason for replacing the harness. Often we find the harness is not the problem, but someone wired something wrong or connections need cleaning.

Interior and upholstery

Care is taken to fit door handles, locks, seats, dash and panels. We have the skill and knowledge to install you interior, top, tonneau cover and curtains as original.

Examples of interiors restored to original look.

Classic Car body tubs

1952 MGTD

Classic Car body work

1965 MGB

Classic Car burl walnut dash

MGA 1600

Classic Car Late MGB Tan Leather

Right hand drive TR6

Classic Car Rewiring

XK140 burl walnut dash

Classic Car Suspensions

Late MGB Tan Leather

Paint and bodywork Jan is an expert in replacing and aligning panels. With over 25 years experience, his metal finishing and ability to straighten panels and the over all body lines are second to none. His finish work, paint and polish often exceeds the best factory finish! So often the proper repair, cost less in the long run.

Classic Car Engines

Stripped, metal finishing begins

Classic Car bodywork

XK140 on our rotisserie prepping under side for proper under body repair and preservation.

Classic Car Rear ends

356 C typical rot

Classic Car Transmissions

Properly cut out & repaired

Vacuum UnitsBack to Top

Recently our Lucas distributor vacuum unit manufacturing was sold to Robert Medynski who now supplies the industry with new quality original Lucas distributor vacuum advance and retard units 1940s through late 1980s.

You can email him at or web

Just because your original unit holds vacuum, just means it’s not leaking!

Find all you need to know and the importance of having the proper vacuum unit, operating code and how it relates to performance, cooling and mileage.

All original equipment units in stock!

Classic Car DVX 2 stud

DVX 2 stud. Order by Part# or Code

Classic Car Early DM and threaded

Early DM & threaded

Classic Car Later Hose Type

Later Hose Type

Classic Car Late Vacuum Retard

Late Vacuum Retard with New Viton shaft seal

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Classic Car New Viton shaft seal

We were commissioned in 1979 by British Leyland to restore the 1949 MGTC for the

“Drive a classic …Win a classic” campaign, here in the USA!

IN 1979 Mr. Len Alcaro of JRT (the old BMC corp.) contacted our firm to supply a totally restored MG-TC to give away as the very last endeavor of the MG car company. We supplied, and restored this car which was showed at the NYC car show in 1980. Since then we have restored a variety of automobiles including Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, Austin Healey, Triumph MG, Sunbeam etc.We do it all and we are always available. We offer help with partial or total restorations, repairs or simply do whatever you wish to complete your project. Enthusiasts take advantage of our facility, expert help and advice solving their classic car problems! We started as a custom parts supplier, manufacturer of hard to get British parts. Complete auto restorations started in the late 1960’s and took on a whole new generation of specializing English automobile restoration sales and services. George Medynski the general manager worked a deal and became one of the first Moss Motors parts distributors. Working with E. Alan Moss who both manufactured and supplied English car parts to the trade and public.

Projects of Interest Back to Top

Project Classic car sale

Complete body,new engine

Classic car sale

XK 120 with up grades

Classic car MGB engine and OD

Daily driver ready for paint

Classic car MGTC

MGDT with 1800 MGB engine & OD

Classic car MGTF

MGTC new wood and metal perfect fitting doors.

Classic car Austin Healey rust repair paint

MGTF in for assembling & fit doors

Project Classic car sale

MGTD in for assembling & new chrome wire wheel kit

Classic car sale

Austin Healey rust repair paint & fit doors

Classic car MGB engine and OD

356 Porsche with “facelift”

Classic car MGTC

1964 Porsche 356 C ready to go!


1950 MGTD Beautiful solid, original, totally professionally restored Body-off restoration with detailed under carrage. This car never had any rust or bad wood., perfect original. 1930s MG “Midge” radiator mascot. Very rare! Original sales brochure, owners manual and owners book. Cloth wire harness, Leather interior and canvas top. Original 1950s generator and new old stock fuel lines Runs and drives like new. This car is truly concours. You’ll never regret buying the best of the best! $45,000 was invested...

Sale Price $29,500

Classic car for sale
Project Classic car sale
Classic car sale
Classic car Austin Healey rust repair paint

Testimonials Back to Top

Dr. Myron Finkel – I’ve known George Medynski since Nixon was in the White House. I bought my first MG in the early 70?s, by the way, in its restored version, I have passed it on to my son Tal. George has been the only foreign car mechanic I have ever needed to know. George helped turn my interest from a hobby to a passion, his capabilities and integrity are simply beyond question. Over the decades he has patiently taught me lesson after lesson while explaining to me how these internal combustion beauties work. He has inspired me and bolstered my confidence to be as hands on as I am today. George has involved me in all of the problem solving and decision making exercises that come up over time. He has coached me with the finding and the restoration of what has become my ultimate foreign car- a 1954 Jaguar XK 140 coupe Over the years I have owned many vintage English cars, I don’t know if I ever found any other outlet that has offered me so many moments of enjoyment. George has been my teacher , my guide, my mechanic and my friend Dr. Myron Finkel .

Joe Curto, SU Carb Service in college point NY. I have known George Medynski of M&G Vintage Auto/Tuxedo Motor Sport since the mid 70s, back in the era of what we call the hay days of restoration maintenance of the new MGs and all those great brands of cars like Jaguar, Triumph, Austin Healey Porsche etc. We were among many shops working on beloved cars. Our passion soon turned to actually going to England to the Great national Auto Jumble at Beaulieu in the New Forrest. Back then we were able to literally ship containers of cars and parts to the USA, which we did. I have known George for many years and still admire and respect the restoration work performed by George and his crew in Tuxedo NY. After supplying an MGTC to then JRT (Jaguar Rover Triumph) MG OFFICIALLY GAVE THE CAR AWAY AS THEIR very last endeavor as a car company and awarded M&G VINTAGE AUTO the first official title of BRITISH HERITAGE SUPPLIER AND RESTORER by the Heritage group in the UK.

David DeLuca – Avid Porsche collector from New Jersey. Member Northern New Jersey Region Zone 1 of the Porsche Club of America. Tuxedo Motor Sport has restored many vintage Porsche autos for David including this 1956 T1 Speedster.

Classic car pca zone
Classic car for sale
David DeLuca – Winner of (3) PCA Zone 1 awards including (2) People’s Choice Awards
Classic car pca zone

On September 11, 2010, NNJR Concours hosted the first annual Red Mill Museum Concours d ‘Elegance. This event was an outrageous success, with over 75 Porsches in attendance. Fortunately, we were bestowed with the most perfect weather imaginable for a Concours event. People came from as far north as the Hudson Valley and south to Philadelphia. Cars ranged in age from as far back as 1956 up to 2011. Almost the entire lifespan of the Porsche automobile was represented. This event was also open to the public and over 200 people came to the event to enjoy the beautiful vehicles on display. The location of the Mill along the Raritan River allowed the vehicles to be majestically displayed and provided an incredible back drop for some magnificent photography. “In first place was David Deluca with his astonishing Aqua 1956 356 Speedster. David’s car was a magnificent example of Porsche heritage. It was really great to see such a strong showing in the 356 class.”

Concours is a challenging and competitive activity in which the beauty, cleanliness and originality of you Porsche is rated and scored. Judges with incredible knowledge and familiarity of Porsches inspect the competing cars. They look in places that you don’t even know exist! If you enjoy seeing great looking Porsches, if you enjoy washing, cleaning and waxing your car, if you like to see vintage Porsches then you’ll enjoy concours events. If this type of preparation seems daunting for you we also offer the wash and shine class. Just wash your car and compete for a People’s Choice award. No need to spend endless hours with a Q-Tip.

David 1962 MKII – My car never performed so good. Having an expert properly set up the carburetors, ignition and repair the heating problems created a totally new feel to my MGA. David Mark B. 1953 MGTD MKII - I can’t say enough, I never thought my TD would look and drive so good. George and his crew replaced the bad body tub “wood beams”, metal and had the door fitting perfect. After they completed a superior paint job, I finished assembling the car with their advice and help. It wasn’t until I talked to other club members that I realized the real quality of their work. Every body panel fit and aligned with ease. It pays to have an expert who is dedicated, knows the British cars and performs quality work.

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MG Car Club of Western New York

MG Car Club of Central New Jersey

Jaguar Lovers Forum

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M & G Vintage Auto

One of the oldest British car repair and restoration shops in the tri-state area!

Rt 17 , Tuxedo, N.Y. 10987


Email :

Open : Tuesday to Friday 9 to 5 / Saturday 9 to 12

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MandG Vintage auto contact

From Northern New Jersey: Take route 17 North to New York State line …. we are 3 ½ miles into New York on the LEFT side

From Upstate New York: Take NY State Thruway (Interstate 87) South to exit 16 (route 17 south) … we are 10 miles SOUTH on RIGHT side

From Westchester, Rockland, or Connecticut: Take NY State Thruway (Interstate 87) NORTH to exit 15 (route 17 NORTH) … we are 3 ½ miles NORTH on LEFT side

From Central/Western New Jersey: Take Interstate Route 287 NORTH across NY State Line to NY 17 NORTH …we are 3 ½ miles NORTH on LEFT side

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